Board Members

KESNE’s Board is made up of elected officers and appointed board members. The elected officers serve for a term of two years in any given office and may be re-elected to the same office. Appointed board members do not vote on board business, but serve in an advisory role. Below is a list of the current Board Members as well as their terms of office.

Elected Board Members

President – Greg Wilfrid (2019-2021)
President-Elect – Rachel Gibson (2019-2021)
Past-President – Nick Mercier (2019-2021) non-voting
Treasurer – Mary Jane Sullivan (2019-2021)
Recording Secretary – Roberta Verbyla (2019-2021)
Assistant-Treasurer – Mary DiPaola (2018-2020)
Member at Large – Donna Menhart (2018-2020)
Member at Large – Marilyn Speranza (2018-2020)

Appointed Board Members

Hospitality Chair – Charlie Eirmann
Media Secretary – Vacant
College Liason – Vacant


If you are interested in learning more about becoming an elected officer please reach out to the current President or download and review KESNE’s bylaws.

KESNE Bylaws