Friday Find: Conduct Us!

Every wonder what would happen if you just allowed anyone to conduct a chamber ensemble? Well that is what Improv Everywhere wondered, and here were the results.

Friday Find - Improve Everywhere Conduct Us

Imagine what this would like like in a world imagined by Kodaly Educators? Not only would each person walking down the street be able to successfully conduct the group with artistry and poise, they might also be able to relieve some of the players as well so that they could get a coffee break.

Hat’s off to the folks of Improv Everywhere for giving some culture back to the world!

The Friday Find is a weekly feature of and features videos that would appeal to music educators, folk historians, and music lovers in general. You can view an archive of our Friday Finds here. If you would like to suggest a Friday Find please contact our Media Secretary via our contact form and include the subject Friday Find Suggestion.

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