Friday Find: Walking on the Air

It is still winter right?

This week’s Friday Find comes from member Jura Litchfield who wrote the following:

“Walking in the Air” comes from the animated movie “The Snowman” which I believe can be found in its entirety on youtube. I found it to be a good example of a movie without words in which the music develops the mood and presents the “sound pictures” that kids can identify, such as a descending melody when the hero descends the stairs, etc.
I have found that the idea of flying above the earth in the song ” Walking in the Air” is a great metaphor for finding one’s head voice.  I find other youtube clips of boys singing this song to demonstrate that it is a song for boys as well as girls.  My experience is that third graders and fourth, too, respond very favorably to this song and are willing to sing it in head voice.

Thanks to Jura for the great suggestions and the great video!

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