Jeff Rhone – “Banjos! Banjos! Banjos!”

On May 8, 2014, Jeff Rhone presented a workshop on playing the Banjo using the Claw Hammer style of playing as an instrument to accompany both the teacher and students in the classroom.

In this 90 minute workshop he addressed the basic clawhammer technique, discussed beginning chords (I, IV, V7, vi, ii) in in the G-Major tuning for the banjo as well as more advanced techniques as to how to begin picking out melodies with the “hammer” motion of the claw hammer style. In addition he demonstrated some more advanced techniques and shared some beginning banjo repertoire.

Banjos Banjos Banjos 1 of 3

Banjos Banjos Banjos 2 of 3

Banjos Banjos Banjos 3 of 3

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