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Friday Find: Beatboxing Flute?

You do know what beatboxing is, right? If you have never heard of it you probably aren’t alone, but please allow us to blow you mind. Beatboxing is a form of vocal percussion taken to a very high level of virtuosity. Beatboxing has it routs in vocal art forms out of Indian bol and Chinese Kouji, both which are thousands of years old. However, modern beatboxing has a much more contemporary influence.

Modern History

Beatboxing’s modern history was pioneered when members of hip-hop groups like Doug E. Fresh. Popular with vocal acappella groups, beatboxing exploded in various vocal circles. Mixing with other influences from hip-hop’s electronic “beat boxes” and turn table like sounds, beatboxing has continued to morph over the years and now even has a form of notation all of its own.

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