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Friday Find: Stella Olla (Belated)

Dear KESNE enthusiasts! I sincerely apologize for missing last week’s Friday Find. I had accidentally scheduled it to be published on 11/21/2011 instead of  10/21/2011! Thank you to everyone who emailed me when you noticed it was missing, I’m glad that you enjoy it so much!

That means you will be getting a Friday Find today AND a second one tomorrow!

Now for the find:

I often try to explain my job to non-music teachers and their reaction is often “So you sing songs and play games with children?” And as much as I know I’m also teaching children how to read and write music, how to play and work together cooperatively, and to understand how music relates to the world around them I also know that at the end of the day the games and dances we do is one of the most memorable parts of the lesson. Read more

Friday Find: Little Sally Walker x2

This week we bring you two videos. I’d like to say it is because they were so perfectly entwined that it would be a disservice to show one without the other. But the truth is that I just couldn’t decide which one I liked better. So here is another common folk song and game you might know, with a twist.

The first video is from the Smithsonian Institute and features an interview with Bessie Jones. (The clip runs to 3:28 before changing to another game, though the whole video is worth watching.)
Read more