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Friday Find: Power of the Pentatonic

It has been a long while since our last Friday find! It has been on hiatus mostly due to a very busy work schedule combined with a backlog of summer projects. It is my resolution to make a better effort this year about getting them up in a timely manner. Without adieu here is Bobby McFerrin presenting “The Power of the Pentatonic” – commentary is behind the cut!

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Friday Find: Intervals in Inversion Song

Having trouble remembering your interval inversions? Don’t worry we’ve got you covered with the help of David Newman who has several ear training music videos online. Hope you enjoy!

Friday Find: Stella Olla (Belated)

Dear KESNE enthusiasts! I sincerely apologize for missing last week’s Friday Find. I had accidentally scheduled it to be published on 11/21/2011 instead of  10/21/2011! Thank you to everyone who emailed me when you noticed it was missing, I’m glad that you enjoy it so much!

That means you will be getting a Friday Find today AND a second one tomorrow!

Now for the find:

I often try to explain my job to non-music teachers and their reaction is often “So you sing songs and play games with children?” And as much as I know I’m also teaching children how to read and write music, how to play and work together cooperatively, and to understand how music relates to the world around them I also know that at the end of the day the games and dances we do is one of the most memorable parts of the lesson. Read more

Friday Find: Bolero Flash Mob

Most people know what a Flash Mob is by now. It has become a bit of a culture in and of itself. You can find many musical flashmob videos online, most of them resemble something out of the hit series glee. Some have coordinated dance numbers, and some play like a form of advanced avante garde theater.

The Copenhagen Philharmonic decided they would try their own flash mob using Ravel’s Bolero. You have to admit it is the perfect choice as more and more instruments just seem to “show up” to the party.

I think my favorite part might be the very ending when the orchestra just melts back into the crowd without offering any explanation for what just happened. I can’t think of a better way to expose a random audience to a masterpiece in a way that they will never forget.

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Friday Find: Virtual Choir 1.0

Okay, I know most of you have probably already seen this. But just in case you hadn’t caught the original here is Eric Whitacre’s first “virtual choir” video. For those who aren’t familiar with the project, composer Eric Whitacre made a score he had written available to the public. He then asked people to watch a track of him conducting while they sing along, listening to an accompaniment track. He then took all the videos submitted and spliced them into one single choir.

It is pretty impressive.

Friday Find: Frog in the Meadow Game

Many of us may know the song “Frog in the Meadow”, but I have never seen this specific game for the song. While it is similar to a lot of other games around like “Little Sally Walker” or “Charlie Over the Ocean” this game has it’s own unique charm. (One other thing to look for, there is a nice technique for dealing with students racing around a circle in opposite directions. I use something like this myself when I’m working in a space that is confined.)


Think you know a video that would make a great Friday Find? Email us at media@kesne.org!

Friday Find: A Clapping Game from Sierra Leone

The internet is an amazingly wonderful thing – with YouTube and other streaming services we now have access to voices and cultures from around the world. Imagine what folk song collection would have been like in the days of our predecessors if they could have just gone online to find hundreds of primary sources.

That is why we are proud to introduce our “Friday Finds”; these videos may not always be authentic folk songs and folk games, but they are a way for us to share interesting, amusing, or amazing musical videos. So I hope you enjoy this first “Friday Find” a short clapping game from Sierra Leone.