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Friday Find: Frog in the Meadow Game

Many of us may know the song “Frog in the Meadow”, but I have never seen this specific game for the song. While it is similar to a lot of other games around like “Little Sally Walker” or “Charlie Over the Ocean” this game has it’s own unique charm. (One other thing to look for, there is a nice technique for dealing with students racing around a circle in opposite directions. I use something like this myself when I’m working in a space that is confined.)


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Friday Find: A Clapping Game from Sierra Leone

The internet is an amazingly wonderful thing – with YouTube and other streaming services we now have access to voices and cultures from around the world. Imagine what folk song collection would have been like in the days of our predecessors if they could have just gone online to find hundreds of primary sources.

That is why we are proud to introduce our “Friday Finds”; these videos may not always be authentic folk songs and folk games, but they are a way for us to share interesting, amusing, or amazing musical videos. So I hope you enjoy this first “Friday Find” a short clapping game from Sierra Leone.